Arlington, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When looking for demographic data on the city of Arlington, it may be helpful to know that the figures provided here are from various sources, including official and unofficial reports. These data are not guaranteed to be accurate, however. Documents may contain errors due to differences in original sources, digital formatting, or electronic transmission processes, and they may not reflect updates or changes made to the data. Population & Steets in Arlington City

For a detailed look at demographics and a map of the city, you can visit the website of the Arlington Development Corporation. This organization provides information on the current and future demographic trends for Arlington. Unlike most cities, Arlington boasts a population of around 10,000. The city's central business district is a hub of economic activity, which is evident in the growing number of restaurants and other businesses. A new downtown master plan has been developed to help revitalize Arlington's historic downtown.

The city is also home to four Texas State House districts and five other congressional districts. Its economic sectors include health care, manufacturing, and utilities. Manufacturing, health care, and utilities are among the biggest industries, while mining is the highest paying sector. Residents are divided by race, age, and gender. This information is derived from Census data, which is tied to residential addresses. The 2020 presidential election was won by Donald J. Trump. Joseph R Biden Jr. received 46.5% of the vote. Jo Jorgensen, meanwhile, received 1.12%.