Brierfield, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you want to get a basic idea of the population and the steets in Brierfield City, AL, the following information is for you. This information is useful for planning trips, finding local businesses and more. If you want to visit other cities close to Brierfield, AL, you can use this information to get a general idea of the surrounding region. If you want to visit larger cities, you can search for flights to nearby airports.

The crime rate in Brierfield is calculated based on the number of crimes committed per 1,000 residents in a standard year. It is lower than the national average, but still slightly higher than surrounding areas. It is best to stay away from areas that are surrounded by large parks, malls, and shopping centers, because this is where most crimes take place. Those locations with high crime rates are usually less safe for local residents, and you should always be vigilant when walking through the neighborhood.

The economic indicators of Brierfield are also important. It has an average median house value of $65,606 and 607 households. As far as the area's demographics go, Brierfield is a good place to advertise if you are looking to target families and young people. This city is also well-educated, with 60% of the population earning a high school degree. Only 50% of Brierfield residents completed college, making it an ideal place for business owners.