Citronelle, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are looking for a city with a thriving port, you might consider Citronelle. This mid-sized port city sits near the Gulf of Mexico. The most comfortable months are October, April, and November. July is the least comfortable month. However, it is possible to enjoy all four seasons, depending on your personal preferences. Below are some interesting facts about Citronelle. You might also want to check out its weather!

Violent Crime Rates: Violent crime rates are high in the central part of Citronelle, where a majority of the population resides. While these areas are known to be relatively safe, the rate may appear higher than it actually is. Crime rates in the central part of Citronelle tend to be much higher than in other areas, particularly in blocks where the number of residents is low.

Census Bureau: Citronelle is in Mobile County, Alabama. It has a population of 3,873 residents. It is located at an elevation of 330 feet. Citronelle is located in the Central Daylight Time zone, six hours behind Coordinated Universal Time. The city's ZIP Code has a default name of "Citronelle".

In Citronelle, 76.8% of households have incomes below the federal poverty line. Child poverty is high at 25.1%. The average age is 35 years old. Eighty-three percent of adults in Citronelle are employed. Another 16.6% are government employees. The median income is $41,299 per year. If you are considering moving to Citronelle, consider these important facts.