Fort Mitchell, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Fort Mitchell City, Tennessee, is quite varied, with the median age being 40.2 years. Twenty-four percent of residents were under 18 years old, while twenty-five percent were 25-44 years old. Twenty-three percent of households were composed of individuals. Fort Mitchell City has an average household size of 2.48 people, with about fifty-two percent of that population being 65 years old and older.

This US city is in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT-5). It is one hour behind Owensboro, and lies within the same time zone as the rest of Kentucky. The climate is generally warm in Fort Mitchell. Temperatures typically fall below freezing in winter and below zero in summer. The city is home to several grocery stores and a Starbucks, which is one of the most popular spots for meeting.

Since 1960, urban renewal activities, including highway construction, led to a significant population loss in the city. Between 1956 and 1966, almost sixty-seven thousand people were displaced, contributing to the severe housing shortage. As of 1959, African Americans made up only sixteen percent of Fort Mitchell City's residential space, despite being 36 percent of the overall population. While there were some notable figures in the city, the overall population of the area was disproportionately white and Christian.

The town's development was spurred by the presence of two railroad lines. In 1846, two lines of transportation converged in the town center, connecting the city to far-flung areas of the Southeast. Today, it is a thriving town whose economic growth has been fueled by its proximity to both rail lines. The population of Fort Mitchell City, Tennessee, is just under ninety thousand people.