Geneva, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Considering the numerous cultural attractions, you may want to know the population and steets of Geneva City. The Old Town district is located on the southern bank of the Rhone River. The city's famous Jet d'Eau fountain stands as one of its most recognizable landmarks. Nearby, the railway station of Gare des Eaux Vives is operated by the SCNF French railway network.

The median property value in Geneva, NY was $96,200 in 2019. This was 0.4 times smaller than the national average. In addition, the homeownership rate was only 50.9%, lower than the national average of 64.1%. The median home value in Geneva, NY is $96,200. In addition, the median commute time was 17.8 minutes. The median number of people driving alone to work was two cars.

The average age of residents in Geneva, NY was 29.5 in 2019. This figure includes native-born citizens and foreign-born people. Foreign-born people in Geneva, NY are older than their counterparts in other cities. According to the US Census Bureau, the majority of the population of Geneva, NY is white. Approximately 14 percent of the population is hispanic. On the other hand, the majority of immigrants in Geneva were African-American.

Several international organizations are headquartered in Geneva. Some notable institutions include the World Trade Organization (WTO), World Meteorological Organization, and International Labour Organisation. Moreover, Geneva is also home to the European headquarters of the United Nations. The Geneva Motor Show is held at the Palexpo. The city is home to the World Economic Forum. It is home to many world-renowned organizations, which make it a prime tourist destination.