Harpersville, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You can find out the population and steets of Harpersville City, Alabama by reading this article. It'll tell you more about the population, the crime rate and more! To get started, you can view the population map. In addition to the city's population, you can view the percentage of violent crimes and other crimes per 1,000 people. If you're curious about the statistics, download our free report to find out more!

The town has a somewhat ethnically diverse population, as residents identify themselves as belonging to a number of different races. Although the largest racial group is White, most people report that they are also of African-American, Norwegian, German, and English descent. English is the primary language spoken in Harpersville, but other languages are also spoken, including Spanish, Italian, and French. The town's current mayor is Theoangelo Perkins, who was elected in 2011.

The demographics of Harpersville, AL are fairly representative of the state. There are about 1.17k White residents in the city, 310 Black or African-American people, and eight Two-Sex adults. The city is comprised of an even split of racial groups, with white residents making up 47 percent of the population and blacks accounting for about 3% of the total. A majority of residents live below the poverty line, according to Census data.

The population of Harpersville is estimated to be 1,637 at the 2010 census. The estimated population of Harpersville City for 2020 is 1,748. While this is not the largest city in Alabama, the city still boasts two NBA players. If you're planning to move to Harpersville, make sure you know the population and steets of the community. You'll be glad you did.