Mc Intosh, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

A quick look at the population and steets of Mc Intosh, Minnesota will reveal that it's not that big a town. In fact, the population of McIntosh is only 357. The median household income is $46,324, which means that McIntosh's citizens are generally middle class. Despite this, the town's poverty rate is high, so the community's resources should be put to good use.

Rent burden is a measure of how much a household spends on rent in McIntosh. This figure is useful when comparing the costs of living between different communities. The rent burden in McIntosh City is lower than the average in Florida, which is 35.6% of income. In neighboring communities, rent burden was higher than McIntosh at 18.1%. Rent burden is indicative of a failing economy, and McIntosh has a high percentage of rent-burdened households.

There are many places with this name, and McIntosh is one of them. The USPS uses the word "McIntosh" for a variety of purposes. McIntosh can be a town, village, or school. For example, the zip code for McIntosh is D (Default) Torrance. USPS calls this "preferred" and uses this name in correspondence with local residents.

In 1881, the Florida Southern Railway was built in McIntosh. This railroad provided transportation to distant markets, as well as passenger travel. The railroad's arrival boosted the local economy and prompted the construction of the McIntosh Depot. This town had a significant impact on the area's history. Its first train came through the town in 1885, but only two years later, the last train reached the city.