Millbrook, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're planning to move to Millbrook, Alabama, you might be interested to know the Population & Steets in Mill Brook City. Millbrook is located in Elmore County and was the source of many Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. The Confederate Monument is located at the corner of Highway 143 and Monument Drive in the Robinson Springs neighborhood. The monument contains the names of 186 men from Millbrook. In the late 1890s, yellow fever in Montgomery made many people flee to Millbrook. Summer rental houses became very popular in Millbrook and many summer renters became owners of houses in the area.

The population of Millbrook, AL, was 15,045. The majority of people in Millbrook identified as white. However, only twenty-seven percent of residents were African-American. Other races included Hispanics, 0.2% of the population identified as Native American, and 2.2 percent of residents identified as any other race. While the area has a relatively high percentage of Hispanic and Latino residents, it has only a mediocre number of residents.

The Census of 2010 showed that the population of Millbrook City was fairly spread out. Twenty-three percent of its residents were under the age of eighteen. Thirty-six percent were married couples, while thirty-seven percent were single individuals. Among those who were 65 years and older, 19.0% lived alone. The average household size was two and a half people. The median income was $28,247.