Montgomery, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Montgomery City, Missouri, is roughly 55,000 people. Its population is primarily white. Most of its residents have health insurance. Twenty-four percent have employer-provided health insurance. Another 18.4 percent are on Medicaid or Medicare. The remainder have non-group health insurance plans. In 2014, Missouri residents spent an average of $8,107 on health care. Montgomery City's population is approximately the same as that of the surrounding community, but it is a little larger.

In Montgomery City, MO, there are about 2.46k White residents, 89 Two+ (non-Hispanic), and sixty-four Black or African American residents. Hispanics make up 1.98% of the total population. The percentages of people living below the poverty line vary according to age, race, and education. Some neighborhoods have higher poverty rates than others. Despite these differences, residents in Montgomery City, MO are generally more educated than their counterparts.

Montgomery City's downtown is experiencing revitalization. The city has added a new stadium for the Montgomery Biscuits and recently opened Riverfront Park. Loft apartments have become more common, with private companies converting old warehouses and office buildings into lofts. This new construction in Montgomery City is helping to fill the growing demand for downtown living. Currently, more than 500 apartments are under construction downtown. Despite the fact that it is an older city, there are many new projects that will add to the city's downtown area.

Montgomery is a nationally-renowned city, home to two major military bases - Maxwell Air Force Base and Gunter Air Force Base - and about 37 public and private schools. There is also a variety of cultural attractions in Montgomery. The city is home to the headquarters of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, a state car company. Its population is approximately twenty-five thousand people. You can also find many other types of businesses and government in the city.