Pell City, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Pells live in a picturesque setting. The area is surrounded by hills and is home to several lakes. Pell City was founded by railroad investors in 1890. The population is now over twelve thousand. The population is spread out in all age groups. Twenty-nine percent of the people are under the age of eighteen. Twenty-one percent of the people are 65 or older.

This city was founded in 1890 by railroad enthusiasts. It was named for George Pell, founder of the Pell City Iron and Land Company. The town nearly failed due to the Panic of 1893. Fortunately, the population has continued to increase in recent years. Its median property value is $183,800, which is 0.764 times smaller than the national average. Pell City has a low unemployment rate.

The Pell City Civic Center has a number of community activities. It features a variety of art exhibits and programs, paired with a literary component. The center is located near Lakeside Park, where residents can enjoy nature trails, picnic facilities, and fishing piers. The Pell City Civic Center also hosts a variety of annual events including the Christmas parade and annual air fair. People who live in Pell City are likely to love the city and its residents.

Population & Steets in Pelling City