Trussville, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you want to learn more about the population of Trussville City, AL, you may want to review the demographic information below. The population of this Alabama city is estimated to be 37,219 in 2018. Most residents are white, but there are some people of color as well. There are more foreign-born residents in this city than native-born citizens, with about 9% of those who live here being black or Latino.

The zip code for Trussville, AL is 37307. The city is located in Jefferson County. Its estimated population is 23,048. Its time zone is Central Daylight Time, six hours behind Coordinated Universal Time. The city has several other neighborhoods including Cahaba Crest, Whites Chapel, Prescott, and Jefferson Hills. There are nine banks in the city. Regions Bank, SouthPoint Bank, and Citizens State Bank are the largest banks in Trussville.

The city has a population of 7,325 people. Of these, 37.5% are under 18 years old, while 8.5% of households are headed by a female who is living alone without her husband. The rest are married couples and non-families, making up the remainder of the population. The median income of a household is $71,111. The average household size is 2.70 people.