Uniontown, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What's the population of Uniontown? This small city in Ohio is home to 7.04k people, and has a majority of white residents. The population of Uniontown is made up of nearly 80% white people, with a small number of black or African American residents. Additionally, there are a few Hispanic families and an estimated 2.44% population of two or more people. To find out more about this community's demographics, read the full Population & Steets in Uniontown City.

The first settlers in Uniontown were the Woodville family. The town was incorporated in 1836, and the earliest plank road in Alabama passed through it. In 1857, the Alabama and Mississippi Railroad came through Uniontown, and by 1860, it was home to educational institutions for both boys and girls. In addition, by 1860, Uniontown had two department stores on its main street, and its economy was tied closely to nearby plantations.

Another aspect of the population of Uniontown is its safety. There have been no reports of murders in the city. Uniontown's crime rate is similar to the national average, although crime in these areas is higher than in other parts of the city. It's important to note, however, that crime rates in Uniontown aren't necessarily indicative of the safety of the entire city. In many areas of the city, the number of crimes per capita is higher than in other parts of Pennsylvania.

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