Wedowee, Alabama Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you interested in learning more about the Population & Steets in Weowee City? You're not alone. Over the past decade, the population of Wedowee City, Indiana, has grown by over 80%. In fact, it's home to nearly 700 residents. The median household income in Wedowee is $26,574, which is well above the state's average. The poverty rate, at 0.97%, is the lowest in the state.

The median property value in Wedowee City, AL, was $120,000 in 2019. This is higher than the national average of $76,800. In addition, it's 0.499 times smaller than the national average. In addition, the rent burden is higher in Wedowee than in its neighboring cities, Cave Spring (37.6%), and Ohatchee (37.8%). However, this does not mean that Wedowee is not affordable. Almost half of the households in Wedowee are renters, whereas the national average is 45.9%.

The number of residents in Wedowee is approximately 720. The majority of Wedowee, AL residents live in single-family homes. The median home value in Wedowee is $120,000. The majority of residents commute alone to work. The average commute time is 21.5 minutes. The population of Wedowee, AL is approximately 820. All residents are US citizens, but 0.854% are foreign born.