Nikiski, Alaska Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Nikiski first appeared on the 1880 U.S. Census as one of three Tinneh villages. The villages, Nikishka No. 3 and Tiukilsk, had a combined population of seventeen and fifty-seven in 1880. All residents were Tinneh Natives. In the 1980 census, Nikiski was organized as "Nikishka" and changed the name to "Nikiski" in 1990. Since that time, Nikiski has been reported as "Nikiski" on every census.

The Nikiski population is reported as raw head counts and population density per square mile. The data sources for the map are listed on the About Page. You can use the map to zoom in and move it to view streets in Nikiski. To see the population of Nikiski, Alaska, you can use the Google Maps application to access the City's full address, demographics, and other information.

The median income in Nikiski, AK is $54,583. This is lower than the United States' median income of $65,712. The state also has a lower GINI than the national average of 0.478, which indicates that income is more evenly distributed in Nikiski than the nation as a whole. The top three industries in Nikiski include Public Administration, Mining, and Oil & Gas Extraction.

The Nikiski / Salamatof neighborhood stands out among U.S. neighborhoods in that it has a higher percentage of farmers than 95.8% of the entire population of American cities. It also has a higher percentage of people with Native American ancestry than any other neighborhood in the country. In fact, 10.9% of the Nikiski / Salamatof neighborhood is made up of Native American ancestry.