Noatak, Alaska Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Noatak is located in Alaska. Its population is 416. The average commute time is 0.0 minutes, and the median home value is $152,100. Listed below are some statistics about the population and street statistics of Noatak. You can also see the average number of cars per household. The largest percentage of households in Noatak do not own cars. Whether or not you own a car depends on your personal preference, but it is worth knowing how many other people live in Noatak.

Noatak, AK has a high unemployment rate. Residents of Noatak, AK are predominantly American Indian and Alaska Native, while only three percent are White. There are also 0 black or African American residents. The area is considered to be one of the most rural in Alaska, but the percentage of people who live there has begun to increase. Although Noatak has a small population, it is still considered a small town, with the goal of reaching a large population in the future.

Noatak, AK is located in the North and Northwest Region of Alaska. Noatak's median household income is $46,250, less than the $55,712 national average. The city employs 107 people and has a small economy. The most common occupations in Noatak are Construction & Extraction, Material Moving, and Education Instruction & Library. These occupations make up the majority of the local economy.