Bylas, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What is the Population & Steets in Bylaco City? Bylas is a city in Arizona, one of 20 states with Census County Divisions. These divisions track subdivisions within counties. Bylas is a census designated place, or CDP, in the county of Graham. A CDP is like a town but statistically speaking it is not a legal entity with governmental functions. It is made up of groups of people that live in group quarters. Some of these are college residence halls, nursing homes, military barracks, and correctional facilities.

The murder rate in Bylas City is 0.73 per thousand residents per year. This is considered high, but is much lower than the national average. It is generally safest to live in the west part of Bylas. The murder rate is also higher in the northwest part of the city, while it is lowest in the north. Bylas' murder rate varies greatly depending on the neighborhood.

There are two airports within 97 miles of Bylas, AZ. You can choose one of them to fly to by car or take a flight to the airport. Or you can search for flights to nearby cities. The city with the largest airport is usually close to Bylas, AZ. A second option would be to fly to a city that has a smaller population, but still has a major airport.