Cave Creek, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Compared to other cities, the population of Cave Creek, Arizona is growing at a moderate pace. While there are many aspects to consider when deciding whether to move to Cave Creek, the city has some distinct advantages. For one, it has a relatively low divorce rate, with only 1 percent of divorces being recorded. Additionally, the population density is relatively low, ensuring that the city's affordability is not a major concern.

Although housing costs in Cave Creek can be prohibitive, other expenses are considerably less expensive than the national average. Compared to the national average, Cave Creek residents pay 18% less for health care. Grocery prices are also lower than the national average. However, the city has high crime rates, so you should be cautious when purchasing real estate. The average commute time for residents is 23.9 minutes. A majority of people live in Phoenix, about 32 miles away.

The median household size in Cave Creek is 2.1, which is lower than that of the surrounding cities. This is particularly notable given that the area's highest percentage is in Black Canyon City, which is home to the largest concentration of single-parent households. For a sense of place, the city is considered to be family-oriented. Single women are also prevalent, and Cave Creek's high percentage of college educated adults is a big plus for the city.

Population & Steets in Cave Canyon, Arizona: A look at the demographics of this city will help you decide whether to move to this area. The city is situated in Maricopa County and is near Carfree. The zip code for Cave Creek is 85327. In Cave Creek, there are large populations of retirees and the lowest percentage of individuals in their 20s. This makes the city an ideal place for young families, older folks, unique individuals, and newcomers.