Cochise, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Before we get into the details of population and steets in Cochise City, AZ, we should know about the history of the town and the local economy. Cochise City was created in 1880 as a stop along the Southern Pacific Railroad. At its peak, Cochise was home to about 3000 people. Despite this, the town has not been dead for many years. The town still has a great old hotel, filled with wonderful antiques. While trains still rumble through the town, they don't stop for water or coal anymore.

If you are planning to visit the area, consider visiting Muheim Heritage House. This historic building is home to the renowned John Bromfield. You can also visit 8 South Cactus Lane or the Copper Queen Hotel. To see the local history, you can visit the Bisbee Visitor Center or the Muheim Heritage House. The Cochise County Government has a Justice of the Peace Court #1. The county is also home to Lewis Williams Douglas, Gabe Lindstrom, Miguel Mendez, and Earl Hindman.

Among the statistics available for Cochise City, the population is overwhelmingly white. The median household income is $27,942 and the median family income is $36,685. In contrast, males make up nearly half of households, while females have a much lower rate of poverty. Moreover, the median age is 43 years. The median household size is 2.15 people, whereas the median family size is 2.90 people.