Coolidge, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

This city's population and steets can be viewed in the following table. In the 1950s, the economy was based on farming and mining. It continued to grow until the late 1940s, when mechanical equipment replaced many farm workers. Now, the economy of Coolidge has diversified from farming and mining to manufacturing and regional trade. A new industrial park, located on the Gila River Indian Reservation, has helped the city's economy.

The population of Coolidge City is approximately 4,575 residents. It is the state capital and a regional center. The city is located in a low desert valley. The city's climate is moderate, with most pleasant temperatures occurring in March, November, and April. July, on the other hand, is cold and dry. Coolidge is home to two major universities: Coolidge State University and Arizona State University-Scottsdale.

The demographics of the city are also important. The city has a population of 11,973 residents. Its median household income is $39,621, and the poverty rate is 9.7%. Although the city's growth rate is forecasted to increase by 3.8% over the next few years, it is largely stable at this time. There are about nineteen thousand residents in Coolidge, and about four thousand of them are white.

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