Hualapai, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Do you want to know the population and steets of Hualapai City? You can find out by browsing the following article: Population & Steets in Hualapai City. The murder rate in Hualapai City is approximately one in every fifteen people, compared to one in every two people in the city's northern and southern sections. While the number of murders per resident may seem low, this statistic does not reflect how safe it is for Hualapai residents.

The map below displays the racial composition of the population of Hualapai City. The majority race is indicated by darker shades of the map. Other ethnic groups are also represented. For more detailed information on Hualapai City's racial makeup, you can view the diversity page. To find out the percentages of minorities, you can also view the city's diversity score.

The Hualapai Reservation is located in northwestern Arizona. The name Hualapai is derived from the Hualapai word for ponderosa pine. This area is the home of the Hualapai Tribe. It has a population of more than a thousand people. Kingman is 55 miles west of Hualapai, on historic Route 66. There is no gambling on the reservation. The vast majority of full-time jobs are in Tribal administration. The rest is based on tourism, cattle ranching, and arts and crafts.