Lupton, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Population & Steets in Luxton City is comprised of people who live in the town. In this city, there are many different demographics to consider. In fact, the city is characterized by a high percentage of owner-occupied homes. It also has a low percentage of renters. Residents of Lupton City typically own a private automobile. They are also able to take advantage of a short commute time to get to work.

Fort Lupton, CO is home to about 3.89k people. The highest-paying industries in the city are Health Care & Social Assistance, Construction, and Retail Trade. Only 6.6% of residents do not attend school. The second-highest paying occupation is Health Care & Social Assistance. The remaining sectors are Laborers, with 24.1% of residents working in these fields. Additionally, 18.9% of people hold jobs in sales or clerical, assistant, and tech support fields. Overall, the language of most residents in Lupton City is English.

The median real estate price in Lupton City is $223,819, which is higher than 37.4% of cities in the U.S. The average rental price is $1,291, which is lower than 46.9% of neighboring neighborhoods. Overall, home and apartment vacancy rates are 7.6%. This is below the national average of 53.2%, and is near the middle of the pack.