Mammoth, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Mammoth City has a diverse population. The majority of people are white, while only 12.3% identify as African American. There are also a number of people who identify as Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander. In addition, approximately 17.8% of the population is Hispanic or Latino. The rest of the population is of mixed or unknown ancestry. According to the United States Census Bureau, residents of Mammoth City identify as Hispanic or Latino, and 2.6% are of other races. Survey respondents are asked to identify their ethnicity. Most common ancestries are English, German, and Swedish, while Scandinavian and Russian ancestries are also highly concentrated.

The percentage of households living in poverty in Mammoth Lakes, CA varies, but compared to neighboring towns, the city's residents are white. In 2019, 39.4% of Mammoth Lakes residents commuted by car alone. Thirty-one percent commuted by public transportation, and only 4% carpooled to work. This chart also breaks down income and employment status according to mode of travel.

The City of Mammoth contains a high percentage of empty homes, a number higher than the national average. However, this vacancy rate may be due to seasonal residents or college students. As a result, if you are looking to purchase a home in this mountain community, you should keep these factors in mind. Among other things, Mammoth City is known for its high vacancy rate.