Marble Canyon, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When looking at crime rates in a city, you should know that most areas of Marble Canyon are safe and free from violent crimes. Moreover, it is important to note that some areas in the city are dangerous. This is because people often commit crimes where they congregate, like in shopping malls, parks, and recreational areas. If these areas are considered safe, then Marble Canyon is a good place to live.

The ZIP code for Marble Canyon City, Arizona is 86036. The area's official USPS name is MARBLE CANYON. This zip code is part of the city's boundaries, and the area code is 928. In general, 86036 belongs to the Lower Middle Class zip code category in Arizona. The unemployment rate in Marble Canyon is approximately 4.0%, higher than the state's average of 3.2% and the national average of 3.6%.

In the United States Census, Marble Canyon self-identified as being the majority race. The darker the color, the greater the racial majority. Conversely, the areas of the city that are colored red are less diverse, meaning that the city has a mix of races. This is not surprising given the area's remote location. A higher number of people who self-identify as white or Hispanic live in Marble Canyon, indicating that its residents are not as racially diverse as those who live in more racially diverse areas.