Meadview, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're wondering what the population and steets of Meadview City are, read on to discover the facts. There are approximately 1,211 residents in Meadview, AZ. The majority of them are White, but about 0.4% of residents are African American, Asian, Hispanic or Latino, or American Indian. There are also several Native American languages spoken here.

Meadview is a popular vacation destination, so many people own vacation homes and only live there part time. Some businesses depend on tourist dollars, and are only open during the high season. Because of this, the population of Meadview drastically declines when the vacation season ends. The city becomes very quiet. However, there are still many benefits to living in Meadview. There are plenty of reasons to live there, including the community's quality of life.

The center of each city is within 108 miles of Meadview City, AZ. Using public transportation is very limited in this area, so a car is essential for errands. The city's high walk score indicates that it's easy to get to nearby places. Also, there are several dining options in the city, so you'll never be without food options.

Crime is also a concern in Meadview. The violent crime rate is 5.14 per thousand residents. Residents living in the west and northeast parts of Meadview are safer than their neighbors. During the day, many crimes are committed in retail areas, so the violent crime rate map may look higher than it actually is. Regardless of where you live, crime always happens where there are people.