Peeples Valley, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You've come to the right place if you're looking for population & steets in Peeples Valley. This small city in northwest Arizona is both historic and prosperous. Just 60 miles south of Sedona, this city is home to more than 700 historic structures. The median home value is $212,100. The city has a low crime rate and is home to many retirees. The median household income is $49.545. There are a total of five hundred and twenty-three residents in Peeples Valley.

The city is relatively safe compared to other Arizona cities. The violent crime rate is 2.51 crimes per thousand residents per year. However, the city's central section is considered the safest. In the east, you can expect to be a victim of violent crime one in every 312 times more than in the central section. Comparing violent crime rates isn't as straightforward as looking at crime statistics on a map.

Rent burden is another measure of affordability. This statistic shows the percentage of household income that goes towards rent. It is useful for assessing housing affordability in a city. Peeples Valley is significantly higher than the Arizona state average of 30.1%, and lower than Prescott and Wickenburg at 35.3%. The rent burden per household in Peeples Valley is 22.7%, compared to 35.3% in other nearby cities.