Petrified Forest Natl Pk, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you have never visited the Petrified Forest National Park before, you're in for a treat. This area is home to unique wildlife, including mule deer, badgers, kangaroo rats, cottontails, coyotes, and ravens. In fact, this region is the only national park in the country where you can see a segment of Historic Route 66. This once-prominent roadway symbolized opportunity, adventure, and freedom.

Today, you can find fossils and evidence of Native American culture throughout Petrified Forest National Park. One of the earliest cultural groups to enter the area was the Clovis. The Beringia Land Bridge, which connected Asia and North America during the last ice age, was the reason that these early humans were able to survive and flourish in North America. You can even see remnants of their camps and campsites.

While the Petrified Forest National Park is relatively small, it contains incredible natural wonders. You can explore ancient landscapes and see fossils that date back 250 million years. While the history of the region is still unknown, geologists are traveling the world to try to unravel the puzzle. Exposed hillsides are the main attraction here, revealing layers of earth's history.

When to Visit the Petrified Forest National Park