Pine, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

A short drive from Minneapolis, you'll find the small town of Pine City. The downtown square is lined with oak trees and band shells, while one-chair barbers are available at each corner. A quiet life awaits in Pine City, where you can enjoy a meatloaf sandwich for breakfast or gossip over lunch. The city is also home to an Associated Press annual dinner and the town's historic courthouse, carved over the east entrance.

In addition to being an important industrial hub, the city hosts the annual Pine County Fair each summer. The fair features a two-night demolition derby that attracts thousands of people every night. The fair is free to attend, with plenty of on-site parking. The city is located in Minnesota's 8th congressional district and was represented by Jim Oberstar for many years. He was later replaced by Rick Nolan. The City is also home to the State Legislative District 11-B, with two State Senators representing Pine City, Rep. Jason Rarick and State Senator Tony Lourey.

The current population of Pine City is 3,146, with 92% urban residents and 8% rural residents. There are approximately 62% homeowners in the city, and the median gross rent is $753. According to the US Census Bureau, there are three registered sex offenders for every 100 residents. In other words, the ratio of sex offenders to all residents is 1:035