Supai, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Supai is a census-designated place in Arizona. The U1 Census Class Code indicates it is a census-designated place with an officially recognized name, and the Functional Status Code is "S." Arizona is one of 20 states that use Census County Divisions to track subdivisions within counties. Supai is located within the Havasupai Division of Coconino County. Although not a legal entity, Supai has no governmental functions.

While the median age in Supai City is only 27.2 years old, it is ten years less than the U.S. average. There is only one senior citizen in the entire community. Supai's total population is made up of approximately 0.00 percent seniors. In comparison, the U.S. average is 16.2% older than Supai. As a result, Supai is a relatively safe place for seniors.

Supai Village is the only post office in the country that receives mail by mule. Mail to Supai is delivered through a mule train, which consists of several linked mules. It has a special postmark, and backpackers often use it to mail their heavy packs. In 2010, there were 238 people living in Supai. This tiny city is remote, isolated, and undeveloped, but the people there are thriving.

While Supai's residents are mostly in the service industry, the rest of the residents of this city work in blue and white collar roles. The median household income is $22,955 and the average household income is $32,308. Supai's male-to-female ratio is 0.94 to 1. The majority of Supai's residents are white, with a 0.0% black and Hispanic population. High school graduation rate is 47%, and 39% of its residents have attended college.