Willcox, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Willcox City is located in southwestern Arizona and is home to the U-Pick-it industry. Hundreds of people are employed by these industries. A local Speedway and Circle K employ a few dozen residents. More than seventy percent of Arizona's wine grapes are grown in the Willcox area. The town is home to several wineries and is known for its wide selection of wines. There are two wine festivals held each year in the town, one in summer and one in winter.

The population of Willcox is composed of 1.9k White (Hispanic), 1.22k White (Non-Hispanic), and 154 Other (Hispanic) residents. About 61.8% of the population is white and the majority of the rest is hispanic. There are seven races represented in the population of Willcox, AZ. Listed below are the racial and ethnic groups that are most likely to live in poverty in this city.

The Willcox city hall is located at the address provided above. It is open on specific days and hours. The city has three banking facilities in Willcox. The largest bank is the JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association. The other two banks are Compass Bank and Western Bank. If you need to obtain a copy of the city's demographic information, visit the Wikivoyage page.

Willcox's racial diversity is shown on the city's diversity map. The map identifies areas with greater racial diversity. Willcox is home to a mixture of races and ethnicities, with a small percentage of white residents. The city has a low unemployment rate, and is home to many government workers. The median age of residents in Willcox, AZ is thirty.