Youngtown, Arizona Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The goal of the Youngtown City plan was to reduce population while improving quality of life. It also sought to engage residents in civic engagement. Since its founding in the late 1700s, the town has been shaped by its iron ore and steel mills. In the mid-2008, the city formed the Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative. Its members are working on voter engagement, health equity, and community labor partnerships.

This community has a high percentage of Hispanics and Black people. It also has a high proportion of foreign-born residents. This area's median household income is about seventy-five thousand dollars. There are a total of 2000 housing units in the Callingwood area, and the population is approximately 5600 people.

The town's growth has resulted in many changes over the years. While there are still many old structures in the area, the downtown area is bustling with restaurants and bars. The downtown area is also home to the Youngstown Foundation Amphitheater. A new hotel opened in the historic Stambaugh Building in 2018. In addition, the first floor commercial space is home to a restaurant. Turning Technologies, a company that manufactures electronic components, also has its headquarters in the downtown area.

Youngstown is a small city in northeast Ohio, located between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. The city is an important hub of manufacturing in the region.