Clarendon, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There are several cities within 130 miles of Clarendon, Texas. Big cities are convenient if you need to make arrangements for travel between nearby airports. Smaller cities are great if you want to explore the area by road. You can find more information about Clarendon, TX by reading below. Population & Steets in Clarendon City

The town of Clarendon is located on the White River, near the mouth of the Cache River. Because of flooding, this area was first settled by French trappers and hunters around 1799. The town's name derives from different accounts. According to some, the town took its name from the Earl of Clarendon of England. The town had a strategic location on the Military Road, which linked Memphis and Little Rock.

In the 2010 Census, 61.1% of Clarendon residents identified as white. Another 12.3% were black. The remaining 17.8% were Hispanic and 2.6% were other races. In addition to racial and ethnic groups, census respondents are asked to report their ancestry. The most common ancestry in Clarendon is German, English, or Israeli. Belizean and Israeli people are the most concentrated.

During the Civil War, Clarendon was a key strategic point. The White River served as a rail car route for supplies for Major General Frederick Steele's Federal army. Various skirmishes took place here. The United States government occupied the city on April 20, 1927. It took less than a week to retake the city. This was a major battle for Clarendon.