Dierks, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Dierks, Arkansas, is a small town located in the state of Arkansas. However, it is a city with a diverse population. The population is made up of people of many different ethnic groups. Most residents identify as White or Black, but there are also significant numbers of African-American, Asian, and Native Hawaiian residents. There are also 2.6% of Americans who identify as some other race. Most people report a European ancestry, with Irish, German, French, and English languages being the most commonly reported.

The murder rate in Dierks is higher than in other cities, but not as high as in other parts of Arkansas. The southwest and central areas of Dierks City are considered the safest for residents. However, the southeast area has a higher murder rate than the central neighborhoods. These statistics are based on crime levels in these areas. Although this is not an accurate comparison, the results show that the population in these areas is lower than in the northeastern area of Dierks.

The population of Dierks is approximately 1133. The average commute time is about 20 minutes. The median home price in Dierks is $65,400. The appreciation in the last decade has been 1.1%. Dierks is a wonderful place to live, and you should consider living here! Its economic situation is also good. The area's average income is $32,083.