Flippin, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population and satets of Flippin City, Arkansas, are both low, but not insignificant. The city is located in north central Arkansas, and the official population is 1,355. The town's economy is based on tourism, manufacturing, and retail. In addition to cable technology, Flippin is home to the Ranger Boats bass boat brand. Many residents also work in tourism, operating resorts on Bull Shoals Lake or guiding trips on Buffalo National River.

The town of Flippin was hit by the Great Depression, and many men went into service for the war effort. This resulted in rationing boards that sent families stamps to purchase staples. However, the town's rationing board also affected the lives of many residents. In response to the crisis, local government created a rationing board, and families received stamps to purchase staples.

The town's school began in a one-room building north of the present airport. The building also served as a church. The town eventually moved closer to the railroad track, and a two-story, two-room frame building was constructed along Crane Creek. The school had two additional rooms added in 1917. Flippin still operates a good phone system. In 1940, the town was named for two brothers.

The number of White residents in Flippin, AR is 1.386k. This is higher than the national average of 64.1%, which is a relatively even distribution of wealth. The percentage of Two+ (non-Hispanic) households is significantly lower than the national average. As far as the median household income is concerned, residents in Flippin, AR live in a comfortable neighborhood. They earn an average of $25,033 per year.