Fountain Hill, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

For those interested in the population and steets of the city, here is the latest data: the most recent census data shows that 21.8% of Fountain Hill residents are of Hispanic descent. This category includes people of any race, so the population of Fountain Hill includes both white and Hispanic residents. Here is a breakdown of Fountain Hill crime rates by neighborhood. A small percentage of crimes occur in the northeast section of the city, while crimes are rare in the southeast area.

The population of the city can be found online by using the USPS. A ZIP code can only have one default name, and residents of Fountain Hill usually refer to their city by this name. However, there may be more than one alternative name, including the names of larger neighborhoods and sections of the city. If the city has several "acceptable" names, the population of each city will be listed separately. This can make it easier to find flights that serve the area.

The median age of Fountain Hill residents is forty, and 24% of households are comprised of families with children. Three-fifths of households are made up of single males, while forty-seven percent are headed by women. The average number of children per household is three. The median household income is $46,621, and the median individual income is $34,437. The majority of Fountain Hill residents are middle-class and have a bachelor's degree. Only 9% of Fountain Hill residents have a graduate degree.