Gravette, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following demographic data for Gravette City is provided by the United States Census Bureau. The most recent data are from the 2020 American Community Survey. This data is updated annually, but we do not guarantee its accuracy. For the most recent information, see the Population & Steets of Gravette City. To get a better idea of the community's ethnic makeup, look at our county profile. It includes information on the percentage of residents in each racial or ethnic group living below the poverty line.

The population of Gravette is predominantly white. The racial makeup of the city is comprised of White, Hispanic, and Asian descent. The most common language spoken by people in Gravette is English, but Spanish is also an important language. The percentage of unmarried mothers is the highest in Arkansas, at 100.0%. And despite the low poverty level, the area has a high rate of unwed births and the number of children born to unmarried mothers.

In Gravette, there are four banks. The most popular banks are Arvest Bank, Grand Savings Bank, and the local Bank of Gravett. The city has a population of 3,547. It is the 106th largest community in Arkansas. Despite the fact that Gravette real estate is relatively affordable, house values do not compare favorably with the most expensive communities in the U.S.