Imboden, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When it comes to Imboden City, MT, it's no surprise that crime is on the rise. The median age of residents is 40, and a family typically consists of 2.9 people. Because of this, crime is generally lower than the national average. Imboden also has lower prices for groceries, utilities, and housing than most of the state. The average cost of living in Imboden is about $1,200 a year, which is below the state and national averages.

While Imboden City, AR is a small town, the surrounding area is still a great place to live. In fact, you can easily find a variety of restaurants and shops in Imboden by visiting nearby towns and cities. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get around the area, you can check out a list of small towns within 96 miles of Imboden, AR. You can also use these cities to find the nearest airport.

Compared to the rest of Lawrence County, Imboden is well connected. In fact, it has a few more than one broadband provider. While Imboden may not have many wired internet providers, it is still the most connected city in Lawrence County. The median home value in Imboden is $2,300. Despite this low-cost city, Imboden ranks high for educational quality and diversity. It is also a safe place to live with minimal crime.