Mount Ida, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Mount Ida City, Arkansas is approximately 3,300. It is a part of Montgomery County. The city's economy was boosted by the silver mining boom of the 1880s, which led to the construction of nine general stores, two blacksmith shops, and a flour mill. The city was also home to three hotels, a cotton gin, and several farms and businesses.

In 1832, Andy J. Smith, a blacksmith and merchant, occupied the town square. Other notable citizens were G.H. Speer Jr., county clerk, and C.J. Watkins, hotel owner, and T.P. Saudlin, deputy clerk. A census of Mount Ida City was not published, but the town's 1807 population was.

Mount Ida is the county seat for Montgomery County. The population is approximately 1,000. It is located in the (870) area code. The city has a low crime rate, with only nine registered sex offenders per thousand residents. The median home sale price is low, at $2,000, and unemployment at 8.8%. The city is known for its abundant natural resources, including silver, quartz, and a variety of other minerals.

Another city with a high population is Love. It was first called Holly. Love later became Silver City. The town is located eight miles west of Mount Ida. A sawmill was located at the heart of the town, and it continues to grow as a popular tourist destination. The town is also home to the Hickory Station Cemetery. The town has a steam saw, a grist mill, a cotton gin, and a "pin-hook" store.