Mount Pleasant, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you looking for Population & Steets in Mount Pleasant City, South Carolina? This mid-sized coastal city is situated off the coast of South Carolina, north of Savannah and south of Myrtle Beach. The city is most comfortable during the months of April, May, and October. July is the least comfortable month. The most populous neighborhood is Mount Pleasant Park, which is home to the Mount Pleasant Municipal Complex.

The Mount Pleasant Department of Planning & Development prepares a yearly demographics report presenting current and historical population data. This report also includes demographics of household income and racial and ethnic groups. Using the Census Bureau's definitions, it is possible to determine whether a family has enough income to live comfortably. According to the census, the most common racial and ethnic groups in Mount Pleasant are White, Two Or More, and Hispanic.

The railroad came to Mount Pleasant in the 1880s. In 1879, the Texas and St. Louis Railway acquired part of the line in Mount Pleasant, and built another section up to Waco. In 1887, the Mount Pleasant-Sherman branch was completed. The city grew to become an important transportation hub in the late nineteenth century. As the United States became a world power after the Spanish American War, it expected peace in the twentieth century.

People in Mount Pleasant, Michigan commute to work by car, public transportation, or bike. The average commute time in this city is 4.7 minutes, which is considerably shorter than the average US worker. A quarter of Mount Pleasants commute by bike, walking, or bicycle. This is a great time to save money, as many people choose to ride their bicycles to work instead of drive. The map is an excellent reference for residents of Mount Pleasnt City, MI.