Pocahontas, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Pocahontas City poverty rate is 6.0%, which is low compared to the state and Iowa averages of 17.9% and 16.9%, respectively. However, it is still high compared to other cities in Iowa, where the poverty rate is as high as 17.7%. Pocahontas's low poverty rate is indicative of a rapidly improving economy.

This city's population is about 1,717. Its median household income is $41,447. It is located in the middle of Pocahontas County and is considered to be a working-class town. It is a good choice for businesses looking to expand their customer base. For those who are considering moving to Pocahontas, there are several places to consider, including the historic town of Pocahontas.

In Pocahontas City, 30.1% of households included children under the age of 18. However, 44.6% were made up of married couples, and 13.1% of households were made up of single people. There were also 17.3% of senior citizens living alone. The median age of the city was 38 years old, and the ratio of males to females was 84.6 to 1.

Another notable resident of Pocahontas is Wear Schoonover. He was the first Arkansas native to be named to an All-American team. The legendary wide receiver excelled in college basketball, baseball, and track. His name resides on the local high school basketball court (Schoonover Fieldhouse), and the football field (Schoonover Stadium). Other notable residents of Pocahontas include former U.S. Senator Linda Collins-Smith and the owner of Days Inn in the town.