Van Buren, Arkansas Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Van Buren, AR population is comprised of 5,288 households, with 29.0% of the households having children under the age of 18. Most of these households are married couples, with 50.4% of the households having at least one spouse. Another 11.4% of the households were made up of individuals. The average number of cars per household is two. Compared to the state average, Van Buren has lower car ownership than other towns in Arkansas.

The city is home to the King Opera House, part of an old downtown historic district. The Crawford County courthouse is the oldest working courthouse west of the Mississippi River. Old Frisco Station was once a St. Louis-San Francisco railroad station. Throughout its history, the town has remained relatively untouched, though it is a part of the Crawford County courthouse. While the city is not a particularly large city, it has many important landmarks.

After the Civil War, the city's growth was slowed and centered on manufacturing. The town's location at the crossroads of major highways, waterways, and railways made it a major starting point for gold rushes. The city was also home to the state's first port authority. It also boasted a 135-acre city park, a merchants' association to promote downtown, and a huge water supply project on Lower Lee Creek.

The old railway station building, located downtown, is one of the city's most prominent landmarks. The city's population has grown by four percent since 2020. Attractive Victorian homes and buildings are plentiful. The city has a low cost of living and an affordable median home price. It is home to the King Opera House, which hosts local events and community theatre performances. You can even enjoy a movie at the historic King Opera House.