Arcadia, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you interested in knowing the Population & Steets in Arcadia City? Arcadia is a city located in the San Gabriel Valley, 18 miles northeast of Downtown Los Angeles. The city is home to the Santa Anita Race Park, a popular racetrack, and a Los Angeles County Arboretum. You can use the Arcadia Interactive Map to explore various categories of information about the city.

The city grew from nine hundred and fifty-two in the early 1900s to fifteen hundred and twenty-four by the end of World War II. The city was forced to build three new schools, purchase sewer bonds, and plan an arboretum. During the World War II, the city imposed many restrictions on its citizens: vacations were forbidden, auto speeds were restricted to 35 miles per hour, and car registration dropped. Residents also began home gardens and food canning. In the mid-1900s, a new city hall was built on West Huntington Drive.

The proportion of married couples in Arcadia, CA is 71%, compared to 80% for Mayflower Village CDP. A married couple with children constitutes the largest percentage of households in Arcadia, CA. In Arcadia, the proportion of singles is 21.5%, compared to 17.5% in neighboring California cities. If you are a single person, you are probably the only person in the household.