Belvedere Tiburon, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following is a snapshot of the Population & Steets in Belhavedere Tiburon City, CA. The population is approximately 3,644 people. Nearly 67% of residents commute by car, while 127 walk to work. This chart shows how many workers in each wage bucket live in Belvedere. The chart also shows how many workers live in each income bracket.

The population of Belvedere is made up of urban sophisticates, who are educated and wealthy but still have sophisticated tastes. Although they are not affluent, they are likely to be well-educated and wealthy, and they have the taste of an urbane city. Their choice of neighborhoods often reflects their taste in art. However, the school district here is highly regarded.

While most of the Belvedere population is 55 and older, children can be seen playing at the playground. This is one of the most popular playgrounds in southern Marin. Although most residents of Belvedere work in San Francisco, many live in their homes and work as consultants from their homes. As such, there is no downtown, but shopping is located in Tiburon.

The median household income in Belvedere is $245,208. It is also important to note that males in Belvedere, CA earn 1.26 times more than females. However, the income gap is still higher than in most cities. The median property value in Belvedere is $2M, and the homeownership rate is 76.3%. The majority of the residents live alone, and the average commute time is 33.5 minutes. Two cars per household are typical for Belvedere, CA residents.