Borrego Springs, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

This article will give you an overview of the population and steets of Borrego Springs. The numbers will show you how many people live in the city and how many work there. There are some important things to consider before buying a home in Borrego Springs, CA. For example, you should consider whether the city has a high crime rate or a low crime rate. You should also consider the average commute time to get to work in Borrego Springs.

The population of Borrego Springs, CA is 3,429 at the time of the 2010 census. Foreign-born citizens make up just under half of the population. The median age of residents was 67 for native-born citizens, and 46 for foreign-born citizens. That means that the city's population is getting older. The average age of residents was 58 in 2018, and only a handful were younger. The largest foreign-born birthplace was Mexico, followed by the Philippines and China, with 667,994 citizens.

The median property value in Borrego Springs, CA is $186,400, making it 0.775 times smaller than the national average. Borrego Springs, CA residents own their homes, with 86.6% of the population being U.S. citizens. The median home value is $186,400, so it's not unusual for homeowners to live in Borrego Springs. Almost half of the population commutes alone to work, and 85% of residents drive their own cars.