Canoga Park, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

This article provides an overview of the population and steets of Canoga Park City, California. The map below shows the percentage of people from each race in Canoga Park. The population's racial makeup is based on self-reported information, and darker shades are associated with larger racial majorities. You can also find out the percentage of people of different racial groups in Canoga Park, and the diversity score of this city.

Canoga Park is a neighborhood in the Los Angeles area. It was a rancho until the Mexican-American War, but after the Americans won, the land was developed into wheat farms. The area was subdivided into the Owensmouth town in 1912. The Shadow Ranch is located in Canoga Park, and was built between 1869 and 1872 on the Workman Ranch. The area was formerly known as Rancho San Fernando, and its original buildings were made of adobe and redwood lumber.

The Lanark Recreation Center, formerly Orcutt Park, is a recreation center in the city. There are lighted basketball courts indoor and outdoor and a children's play area. A lighted football field is also available for residents. The center also houses a Los Angeles Police Department drop-in site. It also features an outdoor unheated seasonal swimming pool. It also hosts many events throughout the year.

The San Fernando Homestead Association and Isaac Lankershim first established seven wheat ranches in the area. In 1869, Alfred Workman purchased the westernmost ranch in the area. This ranch was one of the largest in the city, covering 13,000 acres and 50 square kilometers. Albert Workman also introduced the Eucalyptus tree into the San Fernando Valley, spreading the trees throughout the area and eventually the rest of the city.