Cardiff By The Sea, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Cardiff By The Sea neighborhood in Encinitas, California, is among the highest-income neighborhoods in America. A NeighborhoodScout analysis found that the neighborhood's median income is 15 percent higher than the median income of 95.7% of neighborhoods across the country. Additionally, it has a low poverty rate, with only 1.6% of children under the age of 17 living below the federal poverty line.

The population of Cardiff is growing rapidly. More people are moving into the area each year. The city is the sixth most populated alternative tourism destination in the UK, and it is home to more than 54,000 non-white residents. While the city is home to many different ethnic groups, it has more residents of Eastern European descent than any other neighborhood.

Some of the most expensive housing in Wales is located in Lisvane, Cyncoed, and Pentwyn, while Old St Mellons has a history dating back to the Norman Conquest. However, most areas of the city are still predominantly public housing stock.

There is a low vacancy rate in Cardiff By The Sea, which is higher than the national average of 78.7%. However, this vacancy rate could indicate weak demand for real estate in the area. Alternatively, it may reflect a high number of new homes being built in the area.