Carmel, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Village of WestClay is a true architectural wonder. Built on 686 acres, it brought a whole new concept of living and neighborhood planning to the state of Indiana. Today, the city is thriving, with more residents than ever. It is the perfect place for a family, whether you're looking to start a new business or relocate to an established neighborhood. Here, you can find a variety of services, amenities, and attractions in Carmel.

The city is ethnically diverse, with nearly one-fifth of its residents reporting Asian and White ancestry. Other important ancestries of those living in Carmel include German, Irish, Italian, Polish, and Polish. The city's median household income is $109201.

Despite the affluence of Carmel's residents, many are forced to live below their means. Because of this, the schools here have exemplary fine arts and sports programs. Carmel is home to regular state champion sports teams and competitive show choirs. The area also benefits from excellent infrastructure. There are well-maintained highways, beautiful buildings, parks, and shopping centers. Aside from the schools, the city also has plenty of amenities.

Despite its booming economy, the population of Carmel is under one hundred thousand. Although this is a small city, residents here enjoy low crime rates. Carmel's residents feel safer and more secure than their counterparts in Indianapolis, where crime rates are increasing by the day. Its smaller size allows for a more cozy feel and plenty of entertainment and shopping. However, you will want to check the population & steets in Carmel before you make a decision.