Carmel Valley, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Did you know that Carmel Valley City has a very high school dropout rate? Almost ten percent of the population is not a high school graduate. Of the people who are college educated, one third hold associate's degrees or baccalaureate degrees. Ninety-six percent of the population works in white-collar jobs, and more than two-thirds are employed by private companies. Another one-tenth are self-employed and nearly eight percent are employed by government or not-for-profit organizations. The average household income is well over $199,000 per year.

While the population of this San Diego neighborhood is quite sparse, residents enjoy very pleasant weather. The temperature averages 71 degrees Celsius during the summer and 56 degrees in the winter. The climate is semi-arid with Mediterranean-like characteristics. If you are planning to move to Carmel Valley, you should consider the different areas that make up the city. Consider what you'd like to spend your time doing in each neighborhood, and whether the area's amenities are within walking distance.

The residents of this town are quite diverse. There are numerous art and culture galleries in the city. It is possible to learn more about each of these art forms in schools and galleries, or explore the community's art community through the city's many festivals and performances. The community is proud of its many creative events, and art festivals celebrate the talents of the local residents. They not only enhance the lives of the participants, but the community as a whole.