Castaic, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Did you know that the median income in Castaic City, CA is $117,031, which is higher than the national average? The city also has higher homeownership rates than its neighboring and parent geographies. In Castaic, CA, the majority of the population is white, and the lowest income group is Asian. The average age of the population is 45, and the highest age is 54.

The primary mode of transportation used by people in Castaic is private automobile. Nearly half of the city's population has a vehicle. However, about 15% use public transit to commute to and from work. For Castaic, CA, the highest proportion of households owning a vehicle is 2 cars, while the lowest proportion is false. The city's percentage of residents with health insurance is high. Sixty-two percent of people are enrolled in an employee plan or other type of group health insurance plan. The remainder of Castaic residents are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and other private health insurance plans.

There are many reasons to visit Castaic. The hamlet's history began with the opening of the Ridge Route, which brought travelers to the town seeking lodging. Soon after, the city became home to the Castaic Brick Company and George Dunn's Wayside Dairy. The city's most famous resident is Sam Parson, the proprietor of Sam's Place. His restaurant, the Castaic Grill, is still open today. In addition to being a popular place for tourists and residents, Castaic is a major truck stop along the Interstate 5 corridor.