Cedar Glen, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

A quick look at the population and steets of Cedar Glen reveals some interesting facts. While there are many other factors to consider before moving to the neighborhood, the number one reason for a change in your life is your commute length. It is important to note that commutes can be long and painful, and it takes time, money, and energy to get to work every day. On average, Cedar Glen residents spend over two hours commuting each day to their jobs.

Residents of Cedar Glen speak a variety of languages, but most commonly, English. Eighty-four percent of households in the neighborhood speak English at home. Another notable statistic is that people of Filipino descent make up 4.9% of the neighborhood. But even if you're not of Filipino descent, you're sure to find someone who speaks a language you're comfortable with. You'll find an English-speaking neighbor in Cedar Glen.

The population of Cedar Glen is generally low, and this is reflected in its crime rates. Although there are high rates of drug-related crime, the city is less dangerous than the average of similar-sized cities in California. The crime rate in Cedar Glen is 8.71 per thousand residents in a standard year. The southeast part of the city has the lowest rate of drug-related crime. If you're thinking about moving to the city, the best option is to find a house in the west part of town.

While quality of life is very subjective, many home buyers prefer a walkable city. Others prefer to live in a suburban neighborhood with a reasonable commute time. Regardless of your lifestyle, make sure to consider the neighborhood's amenities before you make a final decision. The lack of amenities in Cedar Glen may not be worth the price you'll pay for a home. The lack of parking space or a good neighborhood may not be right for you.