Cerritos, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

In a recent study, the population and steets of Cerritos, California were compared with those of neighboring cities. In Cerritos, the median age was 45.8 years, and the median age of native-born residents was 30. In contrast, the median age of foreign-born residents was 57 years. As of 2018, Cerritos residents were getting older. The majority of foreign-born residents were from Mexico, followed by the Philippines with a total of 667,994.

In June, the Cerritos Woman's Club celebrated its 75th anniversary, and the fiscal 1991-1992 budget was $86.4 million, with $38.4 million of that budget being set aside for capital improvements. The city annexed 15 homes from Norwalk, which already had Cerritos mailing addresses. In addition, Grace Hu was elected to the City Council to replace Daniel Wong, who had served as Mayor for fourteen years. In the following year, the Property Maintenance Appeals Board (PMAB) announced the first "City Wide Pride" program, and the city's Property Preservation Commission was born.

The Cerritos Towne Center was built in the old "Golden Triangle" neighborhood, at 183rd Avenue and Bloomfield Avenue. The city expanded Liberty Park and built a new sports complex. South Street and Pioneer Boulevard were redeveloped as Lincoln Center. In September, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake caused some excitement in Cerritos, but little damage was done. Although the quake occurred in Whittier, it was felt in Cerritos.